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69 Hours

69 Hours as you may have guessed is the porn version of the popular movie "48 Hours" with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. Raylene plays a porn star who is missing, among others, and it is Julian St. Jox's job to find them. He plays a detective on the trail of these missing porn actresses and hot sex ensues in this well-rounded film.

The first scene starts off with Julian St. Jox watching Raylene in a movie with another cop. Raylene is outside by a pool with Vince Voyeur and Mark Davis, and quickly after they taste her tits, she has cock filling her. Vince fucks her missionary style while she blows Mark. You can clearly see Raylene take a mouthful of his cock and it just proves that Raylene is an amazing all around porn actress. Soon after, the men switch position so Mark is fucking her doggie style and Vince gets blown. Again they switch so that Vince fucks her cowgirl style while she sucks on Mark's cock again with no help from her hands. The scene winds down to Raylene on her knees taking 2 great money shots as their gooey cum hangs all over her face and she plays with some in her mouth.

The next scene involves Julian going to Mocha's house to investigate about the porn scene. Mocha explains to him and then shows him what fluffers do. This scene gets really hot and involves the only anal scene which is done doggy style and winds up with Julian cumming all over and inbetween Mocha's ass cheeks and a little on her back. It gets a little nasty even with saliva running out of Mocha's lips as she blows Julian and sucks on his balls, but is still really hot.

Skip ahead to the fourth scene and you have GREAT lesbian sex between Alexandra Silk and Shay Sweet. Julian is coming over to talk to the director of a porn movie they are starring in but he wants to get the girl/girl scene done before Julian arrives. Right from the start the girls look very hot in their clothes, which fortunately don't stay on them long at all. They undress each other as they play around. Multiple dildos and vibrators with lube are used and there are some really hot scenes of the girls licking each others' juices off the dildos. There is less emphasis on eating each other out as there are so many toys. It was a fresh scene that was very exciting to watch.

The last scene has Julian showing up with Marc Wallace who was in jail outside of Randy Spears' house. Randy played a porn director who wanted to make "wholesome" porn films which seems like an oxymoron to me and as you can expect the storyline is not a reason to watch this porn. The fucking and last scene however, is. Julian handcuffed Marc to the steering wheel before going in the house. He finds the girls watching a video of Randy saying over and over "Sex is dirty" in an attempt to brainwash them. Randy is there with a drawn gun, but Marc had ripped the steering wheel off the car and hit Randy in the back of the head with it. For saving his life, Julian gives Marc time with the girls. Raylene, Sindee Coxx, Peris Blue, and Marc Wallace all do some light kissing before they all really get down to business. Raylene sits over Sindee's face while Marc fucks Peris first. Sindee is next to get fucked as Raylene then goes to work on Peris' pussy. In the end, Marc lines up all 3 girls and cums all over each girls' face before Sindee ends with sucking his cock and he has to go back to jail.

Overall the sex in the movie is great, and as said before the movie is well-rounded with the different scenes. Raylene fans will love her work in the first and last scenes.


69 Hours

This movie was rated AAA out of a possible AAAAA from AVN.

  • Scene 1. Raylene, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer
  • Scene 2. Julian St. Jox, Mocha
  • Scene 3. Nick East, T.J. Hart
  • Scene 4. Alexandra Silk, Shay Sweet
  • Scene 5. Raylene, Marc Wallice, Peris Bleau, Sindee Coxx