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Manic Behavior

With "Manic Behavior," Dyanna Lauren proves she is talented behind the camera along with in front of it. While starring Raylene, it has a cameo with Dyanna and an excellent surprise ending that you'll never see coming!

The movie begins with Teri Star and Steve Hatcher sitting at a table at an outdoor cafe. A few tables away, Raylene and Ted Tedeschi are sitting together, with Ted rambling on and not noticing Raylene eyeing the other couple. As Teri and Steve begin to leave, Raylene quickly asks Ted if he wants to go back to her place. He jumps at the chance and Raylene follows the couple as they go back to her place. It turns out Steve is her next door neighbor. Raylene quickly moves over to the window to watch Steve and Teri begin to play as Ted gets behind her to start ferociously finger-fucking her! Using both hands and licking her, she rams herself back and forth on his hand while cooing and moaning in this hot erotic scene. Then Raylene returns the favor by going down on Ted, while still looking out the window watching Teri and Steve. This continues until he closes the blinds and Raylene gets furious! She flips out until he goes limp, and then finally yells "Well fuck me!"

This then moves the scene to what Teri and Steve are doing. Ted begins by licking her from pussy to asshole, sucking gently on her, before laying back for Teri to suck his cock.

The scene then turns back to Raylene and Ted where Ted is banging the hell out of Raylene while holding her ankle. The scene moves back to Steve and Teri with Teri on top leaning forward as he fucks her. While the scenes move back and forth, Raylene and Ted are going at it very hard while Steve and Teri are a bit more sensual. Raylene and Ted have an incredible sex scene that isn't to be missed!

Upset with herself and how she is acting, Raylene takes a shower, trying to "scrub herself clean" for how dirty she feels. She eventually breaks down and goes to try to sleep. However, in her dreams, she sees Steve standing naked. The two have an incredible sex scene with 69ing and him fucking her every which way, her laying on her back, doggy style, and finally she begs him to fuck her ass! In the end, she turns to see Teri laying there in the bed as well with Steve. Both of them are laughing at her as they begin to play, and Raylene wakes up from the dream turned nightmare. She also is late for work now.

At work, Dyanna Lauren comes to see Raylene and tells her about a party. That night, she attends and sees Dyanna. Dyanna talks to her before leading her to a bedroom to watch Barrett Moore and Bobby Vitale in a great fuck scene. Again, some incredible positions and hard fucking before Bobby explodes all over her face!

Things then turn to Raylene's point of view, where she is walking through the party but in a daze. She begins to hear people making sexual comments towards her. Freaked out, she closes her eyes, only to open them to watch what turns into a huge orgy! Everything is here for anyone who enjoys any type of scene of porn, oral, anal, you name it!

As for the end, well, I can't tell you, it''s that good! You'll just have to buy it and see for yourself. :)


Manic Behavior

  • Scene 1. Kristina St. James, Randy Spears
  • Scene 2. Raylene
  • Scene 3. Raylene and Nick East
  • Scene 4. Kristina St. James, Peris Bleau, Randy Spears
  • Scene 5. Inari Vachs, Teri Starr, Vince Vouyer
  • Scene 6. Raylene and Nick East
  • Scene 7. Kristina St. James and Nick East
  • Scene 8. Raylene and Randy Spears