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The premise of "Red" is that Raylene threw a costume party and wakes up in the morning with her man, Tony Tedeschi. They are upset with each other thinking each one cheated on the other, and people from the party the night before are called back to talk about what happened.

Every scene is done in flashback and the first is where Tony accuses Raylene of fucking Sydnee Steele. Raylene licks Sydnee's pussy in a bathroom before they both take a vibrator to each other. Sydnee rips Raylene's black fishnet stockings to get at her pussy and they fall into 69, eating each other and using the vibrators. They wind up getting up and sucking on each others' tits.

Then its Tony and Malitia's turn. In the kitchen, Malitia teases Tony with some cake and whipped cream. She has on a long black leather outfit with holes for her tits to pop out and long black leather gloves. She puts the whipped cream on her nipples and gets him to lick it off. She grabs at his crotch before whipping her own pussy for Tony to lick briefly. Malitia then licks and ice cube and puts it down by her pussy before blowing Tony with some ice in her mouth. Tony then gets to go back to eating her out a little bit before fucking in all different positions ensues. He cums on her stomach on the black leather outfit and they wind up kissing before the scene ends.

After a great scene with Sydnee and Herschel Savage, the last scene comes up, and winds up with all 4 fucking. Tony gets his cock sucked by both Malitia and Sydnee before going to eat out Sydnee. While this happens its really hot watching Raylene tongue her asshole as she gets eaten out. Raylene and Malitia kiss a bit while Tony then fucks Malitia. Tony then switches to Malitia as Raylene gets her pussy eaten by Sydnee. Malitia then goes to work on Raylene's pussy as Sydnee sucks her tits before Sydnee and Raylene get into a 69 with each other. Sydnee then rubs Malitia's pussy as Tony fucks it and Sydnee and Malitia start to kiss and play a little before leaving while Tony fucks Raylene. Tony stands over Raylene as he cums on her stomach before they end the scene kissing.

As you can see, the movie is a bit tame in comparison to other porns but it makes a great couples movie. There is no really nasty sex and the sex that is done is hot for both men and women. Given that its a costume party it allows the movie to explore sexuality a bit more without crossing over into really hardcore porn with anal and cum dripping all over a girl's face. The movie shows a softer side of hardcore porn and as said before, is simply a great choice if you want a movie to watch with your significant other as you get it on.



  • Scene 1. Kristina St. James, Randy Spears
  • Scene 2. Raylene
  • Scene 3. Raylene and Nick East
  • Scene 4. Kristina St. James, Peris Bleau, Randy Spears
  • Scene 5. Inari Vachs, Teri Starr, Vince Vouyer
  • Scene 6. Raylene and Nick East
  • Scene 7. Kristina St. James and Nick East
  • Scene 8. Raylene and Randy Spears