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Where The Boys Aren't 14

Synopsis: The Legends Continue! Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Cheyenne, Dasha, Raylene, Taylor Hayes, Dayton Rains , Kira, Sinclair! Welcome to Jenna's underground, the all-superstar girly-bar where anything is posible. Sex on the pool tables? Nightly. On the bar? Daily. Under a spiked black boot? Right now. WTBA14. It's where the boys aren't. And definitley where you ougt to be. Vivid presents the most star studded where the Boys Aren't Ever! Starring: Briana Banks, Kira Kener, Taylor Hayes, Jenna Jameson, Cheyenne Silver, Dasha, Raylene, Dayton Rains and Chelsea Sinclaire.

The movie opens in a lesbian bar run by Jenna Jameson. The place is very fetish oriented and is full of scantily clad Vivid Girls. We are invited to take a look around the place and stop first at a boot shining station. That gives us some boot licking foreplay as Dasha shoves Dayton's blonde head down between her legs. Kira is watching nearby and eventually joins in on the fun.

Dasha stays in the center of the action, moving over to the bar where Jenna licks her way down to an already dripping snatch. This is a little bit more straight forward and has some great finger fucking as Jenna jams her digits into Dasha's hole. Returning the favor, Dasha bends Jenna over, tugs her shorts down over her ass and goes to work. Jenna leans back and lets Dasha lick her while she does a sexy little blowjob on a chrome handle from the bar. (Oh, that can't be very clean.) This scene looks really good and has some genuine heat from Jenna who helps Dasha out by spanking her own pussy while it gets fingered.

Jenna's bar comes complete with a collection of male dancers who bump and grind while watching the girls go at it. If the boys leave their position, they get fired, so naturally, the girls tease them in an effort to lure them into the fun. (Fat chance, these guys don't want anything the girls have to offer.) Taylor Hayes and Raylene are in the mix this time and they are both on fire in this mini orgy. The flashing lights and loud music really give it a club feel, but they also give me a headache. I'd rather just watch Briana Banks tongue fuck Taylor without some of the strobe and quick cuts. Again I appreciate the way this scene is shot. It's nicely crafted, but as someone who isn't that into lesbian sex in the first place, the added visual distractions don't make things better.

Chelsea Sinclair cozies up to the bar with Cheyenne Silver. Chelsea has on chaps so her pussy is easy to get to. Cheyenne licks that pretty slit and then rushes up to kiss her new friend. This is kind of hot as she repeatedly sucks clam and then kisses the pretty black girl. She moves Chelsea up onto the bar when she is spread wide for some finger in the ass fun. When Cheyenne finally reverses positions with Chelsea, she squats over her face and creams like mad. This is probably my favorite scene of the movie so far.

All that remains is the mandatory orgy to close the movie. All of the girls come back and take turns being the center of attention. Since this is a pretty nice looking collection of girls, I don't mind watching them all work each other for a while. On the other hand, if you have a favorite, it gets a little frustrating trying to follow one girl. They break out some toys to help move things along. Overall, the scene leaves me a little bored, but there are some fantastic individual shots and some good energy.

Anyone familiar with this series already knows what to expect and they won't be disappointed. Once again the WTBA line means a full line up of Vivid Contract Girls getting it on with each other. Jenna is the lead babe, but her sexual screen time is cut a bit short in this mass of female flesh. Cheyenne and Chelsea actually emerge as the ones to watch in this movie. Their scene is the best of the lot and even has me eager to watch more. This is a highly stylized all girl movie with good lighting and great editing.


Where The Boys Arent 14

Where The Boys Arent 14

  • Scene 1. Kristina St. James, Randy Spears
  • Scene 2. Raylene
  • Scene 3. Raylene and Nick East
  • Scene 4. Kristina St. James, Peris Bleau, Randy Spears
  • Scene 5. Inari Vachs, Teri Starr, Vince Vouyer
  • Scene 6. Raylene and Nick East
  • Scene 7. Kristina St. James and Nick East
  • Scene 8. Raylene and Randy Spears