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More than 8 years strong!!

Raylene Biography

Raylene was born on February 12, 1977 in Glendora, California. When she turned 18 she got a boob job and began her career as an exotic dancer. This 5 foot 7 goddess has an amazing 35/24/36 body. She danced for almost 2 years before making her way into the movie business. She started her adult movie career under the name Alexis Fontaine, with bit parts for some Wicked pictures movies such as "Exile" and "Her Wicked Obsession" but she wasn't making much money and Wicked didn't seem to interested in helping her further her career so she went to Vivid.

Her exotic good looks immediatly caught the attention of Vivid executives. Her unique looks comes from her ethinic heritage, being a mix of Mexican and Israeli. Vivid signed Raylene to a 1 year contract and her first movie for themw as "As Sweet As They Come". Before Raylene's first movie hit the store shelves she had already completed several other movies for Vivid. If nothing else, Raylene was a hard worker, doing almost twice as many movies per year than any other Vivid contract girl at the time. Over the next few years Raylene made several movies for Vivid. It is estimated she made about 30 feature films and has appeared in more compliations than you can shake a stick at.

Soon after Raylene started making adult films she began an off screen relationship with porn stud Alec Metro. Alec Metro (aks Alex Metro / Alexander Metro) started in the porn business in 1995, shortly after getting out of prison. In 1986 he was arrested, tried and convicted in California of drug dealing after having been caught with 16 pounds of cocaine. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and served seven. In his adult career, Alec had been involved in more than 200 adult film projects, some of which he even directed.

Raylene's relationship with Alec was rocky at best. In the end she had to go to the police to scare him off. One day he left her 16 threatening messages. In those messages he stated he would go on the internet and tell fans that Raylene was hooking onthe site and that she cheated on him, neither of which were true. She knew she was limited in what she could do because she still cared for him as a person and didn't want to see him in more trouble. Raylene knew if she filed for a restraining order, it could end up hurting him more than need be since he was a convicted felon. Instead she filed an annoying phone call report, in an attempt to scare him off and it seemed to have worked.

Next Raylene had a short term relationship with a Denver radio disc jockey and then ended up with Frank Salvaggio, a bass player for the Canadian rock band "Slaves on Dope." Her ties to music also include cage dancing with Kobe Tai at the 2000 Grammy Awards during Kid Rock's performance. She also starred alongside fellow Vivid girl Janine the video for Everclear's remake of "The Boys are Back in Town." Her apperance is so brief it is hardly noticable. You may however notice Ron Jeremy as the cop with the big afro in the beginning of the video. I'm not sure which one is Raylene but Janine is the girl in the black tube top with the tats on her arm. You can catch her just briefly behind the band when the show the shots of them on stage. I *THINK* Raylene is the one with the lime green feather boa. If I'm right she is in about 4 or 5 spots, spread throughout the video. (ie: 2:26) She also appears in the segment of the video where they show the KISS trailer. In that part of the video she changes her outfit but you'll notice it is her right off. You can't miss her. It's two very clear shots of her face.

All of these relationship ups and downs didn't so much for Raylene's thoughts of men but she didn't let that stop her from coming out with movie after movie. Then one day Raylene came into the offices of Vivid and met the man that would change her life. The man's name was Brad. Brad Hirsch was the younger brother of the president and founder of Vivid entertainment, Steve Hirsch. Brad and Raylene's relationship was not a well kept secret around the office and ruffled a few feathres. In the end, Brad left Vivid and so did Raylene, but not before getting married. Raylene's contract ended with Vivid in November of 2001 and Raylene officialy began her life as Mrs. Brad Hirsch. She left the adult movie business behind her and began working in the real estate business, broking high priced homes to the friends she made while in the business.

As with all happy stories there has to be a ending right? Well not with this one. Raylene's story is really only just begun. Raylene did rather well in real estate but when the market busted it hurt her finances severly and she had to think of what is best for her family, as she was now a mother. The real estate market didn't look to be improving anytime soon and she had to make a living so she called her now ex brother in law and made him an offer that luckily he didn't refuse. Raylene would return to the world of hardcore porn with a vengence.

Raylene says she plans to stop working in adult when her son is 5, right now he is now 3. He turned 3 on October 4th, 2009. But in the mean time she is going to make all the great movies she can with her new husband and lots of other younger studs including James Deen. Here is a photo of Raylene with Kagney Linn Karter from a scene she recently shot with James Deen called Meet The Fuckers 10, which has yet to be released. These images of Raylene were taken in August of 2009.

Here is another two images James Deen took of Raylene that he posted on Twitter just before he performed with her.

Raylene has not entered the business alone, this time she has brought her new husband with her. On August 5th 2009 she tweeted to her fans to say "Just did a threeway with my husband for the first time! It was his first scene we worked with Bliss she was a hottie!" and on August 15th she said "doesn't feel well today. But my hubby is doing his first scene without me yay!!! Cross fingers for him!"