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More than 8 years strong!!

Interesting Facts

Raylene is such a unique name. What ever made her think to call herself that?

Raylene began her career in early 1996 and called herself Alexis Fontaine. As she began to appear in more movies and her fan base grow and she felt it was time for a change. She said that she knew a girl named Raylene while in high school and always just loved the name so that is why she chose it just before signing an exclusive contract with Vivid in 1998, becming one of the highest paid porn stars in the industry at that time.

Has Raylene ever done anal?

You are kidding me, right? This is Raylene we are talking about!! Over the span of her career she has done anal, facials, anals and facials, blow jobs, rim jobs, lesbian orgies and so on and so on and since her return she's beein doing a lot of taking it up the ass. Raylene tweeted to her fans recently that her ass hurt from doing so much anal that week. So in answer to your question, yes Raylene has done anal and continues to do so since her return to hardcore.

How did Raylene get into the business?

In an interview once Raylene said I was a good kid. My father passed away when I was 9 and I was raised by my mother who is wonderful, she took care of me. But I got caught up with the wrong crowd and one thing led to another.. However she was also quick to point out that getting in this business wasn't necessarly a bad thing either. She is not one to criticize the industry. I have learned one thing and one thing only: never say anything bad about the business. It paid my bills and served me well and it was a learning experience. Its an industry I know well and going back to it means I can keep earning a living. After all, money makes most problems in life go away.

Is Raylene married?

Yes Raylene is married but no longer to the president of Vivid's brother Brad Hirsch. They were only married a short time but she kept his last name professionally since she established her real estate career under that name. Raylene now is married to a man who is a tax relief specialist in the LA area and well now part time male porn stud who performs under the name Ethan Hawk.